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Common Question Links

  • icon Where are we located?
  • icon Where are the lawn signs installed?
  • icon Can I customize my lawn sign?
  • icon Is there a delivery fee?
  • icon Do I own the lawn sign?
  • icon What can and can’t I do with the lawn   signs?


Where are you located?
We’re located in Oakville and can cater to close surrounding areas. Please contact one our representatives if you’re living outside Oakville.
Where are the lawn signs installed?
Our lawn signs are designed to be a focal point of your front yard. We do not do backyard installations. We want the world to see them!
What afersales support do you offer ?
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Can I customize my lawn sign?
YES! We love customizing your sign to your own style and even offer animated signs with a cartoon version of YOU! Can’t get more unique than that.
Is there a delivery fee?
If your order comes out to more than 20 Kg we do charge a delivery fee
Do I own the lawn sign?
No, the lawn signs are on loan. That means once the event is over, we’ll be back to pick it up! Please show the signs some love.
What can and can’t I do with the lawn signs?
Our lawn signs are a perfect Instagram moment! Take pictures, use them as a backdrop for a little outdoor outing on your front yard and enjoy them! But please, as they are on loan, do not tie anything to the signs or write on them.